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Unrivalled field performance

Aguila shoes from Joma are renowned for their unrivalled performance on the field. Thanks to strategically placed molded rubber studs , these shoes guarantee optimum grip, whether on natural or synthetic turf. Players benefit from exceptional stability during acceleration, scrums and changes of direction. Midsole technology ensures responsive cushioning, enabling athletes to maintain their level of play at its peak, even during the most intense matches. The Aguila range embodies the promise of peak performance, supporting players in their quest for victory on the pitch.

Exceptional comfort and durability

Comfort and durability are at the heart of Aguila shoe design. Their precise fit, combined with high-quality materials, ensures optimum comfort throughout the match, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury. What's more, the exceptional durability of these shoes means players can use them reliably season after season, without compromising on quality. Whether muddy, wet or dry, Aguila is ready to take on any challenge, giving players a rugby shoe they can rely on.

Elegance and personal identity

The Aguila range from Joma is not just about performance and comfort; it also offers players the opportunity to express their style and identity on the field. With an elevatedgant design and a variety of color options, Aguila allows players to choose footwear that reflects their personality and aesthetic. Whether you prefer a clean, classic aesthetic or want to stand out with on-trend details, the Aguila range offers a variety of models to suit every preference. By wearing Aguila shoes from Joma, players do more than just play rugby, they live it with style, elegance and an assertive identity on the field.

Several colors are available, such as the Joma aguila AG soccer shoe in blue.