All rugby shoes are on House of Rugby. Discover all the most popular Joma rugby shoes , including Aguila, Propulsion and Evolution cleats.

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The evolution of the Joma brand in the world of rugby

The Joma brand, fromorigine in Spain, has become a notable presence in the rugby footwear industry over the years. Building on its reputation in sportswear, Joma has quickly established itself as a top choice for rugby players looking for footwear that combines performance, comfort and style.

Rugby shoe highlights Joma

Joma spiked rugby shoes are distinguished by several outstanding features that make them an attractive choice for players of all levels. These shoes are designed to offer an optimum balance between performance on the field and comfort throughout the match.

One of the key features of Joma rugby boots is their solid, durable construction. They are made from high-quality materials, making them hard-wearing and ideal for the demanding conditions of rugby. Whether you're playing on a natural or synthetic turf pitch, Joma shoes offer reliable grip thanks to their cleverly designed studs, enabling players to maintain stability during fast movements and changes of direction. The company has developed a range of very specific models, such as Aguila, propulsions(in blue or black) and Evolutions(in black and white).

Comfort is a priority for Joma, and this is reflected in the design of their shoes. The insole is designed to provide sufficient cushioning, reducing foot fatigue during intense matches and training sessions. In addition, the upper is often made from breathable materials, ensuring adequate ventilation and helping to keep feet dry.

Joma also offers a variety of styles, colors and prices, allowing players to express themselves on the pitch while wearing high-quality footwear.

In short, the Joma brand has made a name for itself in the world of rugby thanks to its high-performance, durable and comfortable shoes. Whether for beginners or professionals, Joma rugby shoes offer the perfect combination of essential features to excel on the field.