Tremblay Rugby Ball

Tremblay Rugby Ball
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Starting at: $19.00
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Tremblay Rugby Ball

Tremblay school rugby ball

Educational balloon specially designed for learning transmissions.

Allows the young player to achieve a quality transmission by ensuring a horizontal rotating effect of the ball.

Hummel Hball Training T00 Handball

  • 32 hand-sewn panels
  • Soft Tacky PVC "6p free"
  • Latex bladder 4 pants

All balloons are new and shipped uninflated. You will therefore have to inflate them yourself and for this you must have either a pump or a manual inflator.
Make sure yourespect the recommended pressure.
Take care to moistenthe needle before inflating.

Additional Information

Brand Tremblay CT
Manufacturer SKU RP
Color white
Color White
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult / Junior