World Cup

Discover our products for one of the biggest sporting events in the world: The Rugby World Cup 2023! We have jerseys andautres products for the world's best national rugby teams for all fans, at the best prices!

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History of a prestigious tournament

The Rugby World Cup is the most prestigious international championship in rugby union. Inaugurated in 1987, it takes place every four years. National teams from around the world compete in a tournament lasting around a month and a half. New Zealand and Afrique du Sud hold the record for most wins, with three titles each. Angleterre and Australie have also won the title. The tournament promises not only intense, high-level competition, but also sharing and fraternity between the participating nations, being an event followed by millions of fans around the world. The next edition, in 2023, is scheduled to take place at France.

Exclusive jerseys

Traditionally, for the Rugby World Cup, each participating team wears a jersey in the colors of its nation, with graphic or stylistic elements that often represent the country's history, culture or national symbols. The manufacturers of these jerseys are often well-known sports brands, and they employ modern technologies to produce lightweight jerseys with pronounced colors that are breathable and comfortable for the players.

Rugby nations have a different, exclusive jersey for each edition, so that their outfits are varied and unique. House of Rugby has a wide range of products for both adults and children for the national teams competing in the 2023 World Cup: France, New Zealand , Pays de galles ,Italie and Scotland. These jerseys for each edition make the tournament even more prestigious and memorable for each nation's supporters.