Find here tous all equipment related to rugby protection! Up to 50% off!

In this category, you'll find all our rugby pads on sale for up to 50% off! Helmets, shoulder pads, mouth guards...

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Promotional Rugby Protectors: Safety and Comfort at Low Prices

For tous rugby players, safety is paramount. Take advantage of our special offers on rugby protectors to ensure your optimum protection on the field. Our promotions include a variety of helmets, shoulder pads and mouth guards designed to offer you maximum comfort and safety.

Essential Protective Equipment

Rugby Helmets: Protect your head with our high-quality rugby helmets. Popular ranges include Canterbury Ventilator and Gilbert Air. These helmets offer robust protection while being lightweight and well-ventilated, ensuring maximum comfort during the game. The interior padding absorbs shocks, reducing the risk of head injury.

Rugby shoulder pads: Ensure optimum shoulder protection with high-performance shoulder pads. Our ranges include Gilbert XP1000 and Canterbury Flexitop. Made from tough, flexible materials, they offer extensive coverage without restricting your movements. The ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit for prolonged comfort.

Mouthguards: Protect your smile with our high-quality mouthguards. Discover the Shock Doctor Gel Max and Opro Gold ranges. These mouthguards are made from durable materials for maximum protection of teeth and gums. Easy to mold for a personalized fit, they ensure unrivalled comfort and safety.

Take advantage of our exceptional offers

Major Discounts : Now is the perfect time to invest in high-quality rugby protection at reduced prices. Our special offers allow you to equip yourself in complete safety without compromising your budget.

Wide selection: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, we have a wide range of pads to suit your needs. Find the equipment that suits you best and benefit from enhanced performance and safety on the field.

Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with rugby protection on special offer. Combine safety, comfort and affordability to play every match with confidence and peace of mind.esprit